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Work 1-to-1 with your own Personal JEE Mentor

Things can get stressful around the dinner table for an aspirant, and it is thus necessary to have someone to rely on. My JEE Mentor connects you with previous years’ toppers who’ll motivate and guide you throughout your JEE preparations, both on an academic and a personal level. You can call or text your mentor anytime you want, and they’ll always be there to help you out!

Recieve a custom roadmap to cover your syllabus

Every student has a different preparation level and hence requires a customized plan to cover their remaining topics. Work with your mentor and devise a tailor-made timeline to stay on track with your preparations. Give your mentor updates daily and continuously edit the timeline according to the progress made.

Take Daily Assignments, Topic Wise Tests, Chapter Notes and Online Mock Tests

Analyze your stronger and weaker chapters by taking our Daily Assignments, Topic Wise Tests and Online Mock Tests whenever you want. Our team of expert analysts analyze your attempts and suggest ways to improve your weaker sections and increase your score. What more? We’ll give you Notes on each chapter so that you could revise your concepts on the go!

People Behind My JEE Mentor

Ayushman Pandita


IIIT Delhi


Ayushman has been a JEE Mentor for the past 3 years and has been actively guiding aspirants on Quora and his personal blog. He was himself a self-studying aspirant once. He always felt the requirement of a mentor who could guide him for his preparations. It was after cracking JEE in 2016 that he decided to build a portal where JEE aspirants could connect with Mentors and get 1-to-1 attention from them.

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What Our Users Say?

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If My JEE Mentor had started earlier, my son might not have needed to drop a year.

Atul Virmani

The best part about My JEE Mentor is the personal assistance you get by your mentor. I can call him anytime. He’s always there to listen to my problems and guides me towards a solution to tackle them.

Mohammed Nasir

I am armed with practice, backed up with notes and tests and motivated to top all competitive exams.



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